ROWERS: when your boat gets screwed over by officials

My boat did not get the chance to race there friday morning race at Dad Vails because it was said we were a DNS’s but that not really what went down…… here is when happened along with a little rant on what happened 

7 boats marked DNS in all of 25 minutes friday morning

My boat launched well ahead of first call for our heat

We got to the start and waited to be called to the line but were denied because  race was about to start little did we know it was OUR RACE with only 2 of the FIVE boats that were scheduled to race in that heat so to start

I dont think any of us can be marked DNS because was showed but just didnt get to race maybe they should change that to DTCTR (denied the chance to race)

i still cannot believe that the officials passively allowed crews to miss their race starts MORE THEN ONCE

when we were at the start there was really no efforts to marshall the crews or organize them in starting area pretty much all they did was checked in crews and then ignored them

after all of that our coach as well as the ones from the other DNS teams went to make a formal protest to the officials and the officials pretty much admitted they were wrong but responded by saying to the coaches:

they sould not debate it 

that if they did it for our boat they would have to do it for all of them 

and that the officials at the start have been doing this along time

so the whole POINT of protesting what happened is so they you can debate what happened the officials simply disregarded the 6 coaches who confronted them not giving any of them to explain what had happened to them even when we we’re at the start and being sent back we asked repeatedly what had happened and why we were being sent back again we were blatantly ignored by the multiple officials who were at the start

granted i can see how if you did it for one crew you would have to do it for all of them can cause issues with scheduling and how the race is running but if you have to say something like this to six teams SOME TIHNG IS FUCKING WRONG! when rower trains all season to make the boat that gets to row at Dad Vails all they want to do is race but we were all denied that for no reason at all making any race that went with out the missing boats an unfair race to an extent 

as for the officials who have been doing this along time my coach has coached since the 80’s and before that had rowed on the Schuylkill many times he has had boats metal at Vails but have NEVER had a boat late to the line at a regatta here in the states or internationally so saying something like that to an experienced coach is a rude slap in the face and to say that in response to the problem at hand show the no one CARED enough to give any real excuse to what had happened.

…..three boats for the REST OF THE DAY did not show up in time for their race. This is half of what happened in a twenty five minute period in the morning I think that in it self shows how badly the races were being run in the morning….

So 10 am Friday morning we packed up our boat and went home to end 2 weeks of double practices after classes had ended with a solid chance to advance by NOT RACING AT ALL and being disregard by everyone we asked to help us change the wrong that had been done 

it was one of the most upsetting things that has ever happened to me and to know it was simply lack of communication and caring really sucks 

sadly my team  will not be returning to the Dad Vails next year.

and myself as well as the rest of my team will be telling ANYONE AND EVERYONE who will listen about what happened to us

so if you read this THANK YOU! let other rowers and teams know how we were treated by this highly regarded regatta 


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